Skillful Collaboration

To collaborate … or not to collaborate. That is the question. Sure, the benefits of collaboration can be significant. Creative thinking. Employee engagement. Effective problem solving. Increased productivity. Job satisfaction. This list goes on. That’s when things run smoothly, operations are efficient, and individuals contribute unique perspectives. But collaboration has to be done well to be effective; studies show that bad collaboration is actually worse than no collaboration at all. There’s far more to collaboration than simply working together. You need to produce synergistic results—outcomes that would not be achieved otherwise. So there’s a right way to collaborate and a, Read More

Collaboration is a risk.  And, just like any other, it needs to be managed. There are a lot of potential obstacles and pitfalls associated with collaborating, so sometimes it seems easier to just proceed individually.  But, failing to take a chance on collaboration is a risk improperly managed. That is not to say that it is always the best way to accomplish a goal.  Collaboration is a method of problem-solving – an option that’s intended to facilitate progress and improve results by combining the strengths and knowledge-bases of contributors.  It should not be a burden or detriment to a project,, Read More

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