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Employees are placed in supervisory roles for a variety of reasons.  They may be the most experienced or technically proficient in their group’s work; they may be a tenured employee with a wealth of knowledge on organizational goals and policies; or they might have great administrative and people skills that show their ability to interact with other employees and groups successfully. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding their new supervisory standing, the undertaking… Read More

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Join us for this presentation today and receive an exclusive offer! To thrive in an environment that’s filled with constant change, it’s important to understand how to harness human response to support a sustainable future. Proactively managing organizational change results in a corporate culture that is optimistic—fueled by empowered leadership and employees who feel valued and secure. Helping individuals and teams to recognize the predictable path of transitioning through change can foster… Read More

Have you checked out our Deal of the Day? Everyone loves a great deal, especially when it’s something you really need or when you least expect it. Here’s your go-to place for unbelievable savings on your favorite training tools, from deeply discounted facilitator guides, to book bargains, and simulations for a steal. You can save 40%, 75%, or even 80%! Each new day means a new deal for you, so check out the… Read More

The latest addition to the Reproducible Training Library is here! Each one of us has perceptions of reality about how the world works—or should work, at least. Built from everyday experiences and outside influences, mental models are what guide our thinking, provide understanding, and direct decision-making. But mental models can become stale, and just as technology shifts and advances, so does the need to update and reconstruct our mental models. Mental Models: The… Read More

by Bradford Glaser, HRDQ President & CEO The “Sunday Blues.” Jobs that rob people of their energy and self-esteem or make them cynical and unhappy. Low morale and high turnover. That’s what job misery is all about.Gallup recently reported some staggering statistics on the subject. Did you know that more than 75% of people are in miserable jobs? I didn’t. And it also shocked me to find out that job misery has… Read More


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