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Some folks avoid the jungle for fear of a poisonous snake slithering across their path. Some folks skip the surf sessions in order to not get eaten by a man-eating shark. And still others would willingly parachute into the heart of the Amazon or go diving with Jaws rather than have to stand before a group of their peers and superiors and deliver a speech or presentation. Public speaking scares the heck out of folks for a lot of different reasons. Often there’s nothing to hide behind. You feel as though your audience is physically and intellectually assessing, evaluating, and, Read More

A few weeks from now, HRDQ will be at the ASTD International Conference and Exhibition (ahem), so we’re brushing up on our presentation skills. It’s not at all uncommon to worry over public presentations – they come with a lot of challenges: Presentations require a set of communication skills that don’t get as much practice as your everyday skills do. You only have one chance to impress and influence your audience. Presenting can make you feel isolated – unsupported and disconnected, left to close a gap between you and your audience (who sit in judgment). They’re all going to laugh, Read More

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