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Personality styles are an indicator of how we interact with people around us. By considering a communicaiton style model, employees can understand how their personality style effects interactions with others.

The way that we interact with others has a direct effect on our personal and professional success. But how do we achieve successful interactions? Why not start with ourselves?  By building an understanding of our own part of an interaction – our own personality style – we can better perceive similar and disparate traits in others, and flex our style to better work with them. The ability and the desire to interact with others are usually characteristics ascribed to extroverts.  But, not all interactions are physical or verbal.  In her new book, Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a, Read More

It’s the good swimmers who are most likely to jump ship, and this holds true in the workplace. With the New Year upon us, everyone is thinking about their goals for 2012. How are you going to develop your talent this year, and keep the best swimmers from doing the backstroke into the sunset? Here are four solutions and resources to help you succeed with each one: Make your workplace great. Some basic, but often overlooked qualities have the potential to make good, or even lousy, workplaces into great ones. For example, how do you typically set the stage for, Read More

The HRDQ Digital Catalog makes it easier for you to find the training resources you need. Click here to start flipping through the digital edition. You’ll be able to click on the products you’re interested in, and go directly to the website. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside: Watch personality style take shape On the cover of this month’s issue is the new Personality Style Toolkit: 20 Activities for Understanding, Developing, and Flexing Style. An excellent follow-up to HRDQ Style Series assessments such as What’s My Communication Style and What’s My Style, the toolkit gives people firsthand experience, Read More

ASTD 2011 by Bradford Glaser, HRDQ President & CEO Personality—let me just say, ASTD was full of it! This year certainly did not disappoint. Besides being held in sunny Orlando (one of my favorite conference venues), the convention center was buzzing with the energy of close to 8000 training and development professionals. And boy, did they keep the HRDQ Team on their toes. In just over two days, we administered What’s My Communication Style?—our bestselling assessment—more than 600 times! Not only did attendees get to quickly discover their personality style, they also got HRDQ Blinky Pins as a free takeaway. It was, Read More

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