Personal Style Inventory

When seeking sustainable performance improvement, it’s important to look at things holistically.  Personality is not separate from performance, just as relationships are not separate from teamwork. Knowing that, it’s often easiest to make large-scale changes by unpacking complicated, synthetic concepts like performance, and making sure that each component is cared for.  Personality is a good place to start.  Performance, when broken down, is a series of decisions – behavioral choices – that we use to accomplish our goals.  It’s important to know where these decisions come from and how they affect one another.  Our preference for certain types of decisions, Read More

What do Facebook and leadership development have in common? Apparently not enough according to Marcus Buckingham, the author of First, Break All the Rules, Now, Discover Your Strengths and the recent Harvard Business Review article, “Can an Algorithm Teach Leadership?” But, as he argues, perhaps there is something trainers can learn from the practices of online giants such as Facebook, Google, and Netflix. “Facebook is an advertising powerhouse not because it has a standard formula for great ads, but because at the start it asks, Who are you?” he says. “Then, guided by its understanding of your likes and dislikes,, Read More

“I am what I am; and that’s all that I am.” It doesn’t have to be that way, Popeye! Of course we all have predispositions and values that shape our behavior (we are what we are).  But, self-awareness is our spinach. Our Personality Style describes the way we prefer to gather and process information, and how we use that information to make decisions.  By developing an understanding of our Personal Style, we are able to pinpoint our strengths (forearms, obviously) and weaknesses (we get jealous from time to time), and work towards better decision making. While some of our traits, Read More

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