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The Bottomline on ROI How to Measure the Results of Your Training Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 11am-12pm ET If the thought of ROI measurement has your head spinning, this webinar will help you to make sense of it all. You’ll learn what ROI is—what it is not—and how you can move forward to implement it in your organization. Join world-renowned expert on ROI, Dr. Patti Phillips, for this hour long webinar.  She’ll introduce you to the ROI Methodology and show you how to connect your programs, processes, and projects to results in a clear, precise, and logical way that will, Read More

The global market is a buyer’s market.  The immediate availability of products and services makes efficiency a high priority.  Wise, timely, and measurable efforts maintain a business’s cutting edge and allow for growth.  So, where should resources be invested? There are many processes, programs, and policies that are undeniably necessary in businesses, though they have no material end.  Attributing profit to these practices is more complicated than determining the value of the creation or sale of a product or service.  But, it can be done. The hardest part is effectively communicating the measured benefits of these practices.  They already exist,, Read More

FREE WEBINAR Hosted by HRDQ Presented by Patti Phillips Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 11:00am – 12:00pm (eastern time) In today’s cost-conscious business world, executives are asking to see the relationship between training and results. Because without a return on investment (ROI), management buy-in and training budgets are in jeopardy. And that has training professionals everywhere scrambling to prove the value and impact their initiatives bring to the organization. If the thought of ROI measurement has your head spinning, this webinar will help you to make sense of it all. You’ll learn what ROI is—what it is not—and how you can move, Read More

With Thanksgiving behind us and 2012 coming to an end, it’s time to look back on a year of hard work and size up your own harvest – the results of your training. There are so many benefits to soft-skills training that you probably see the results around you every day:  efficient communication, happier employees, stronger teams, abundant leadership, and clear values (Better learning.  Better Performance.  Better Life – we totally know). And it’s no secret that measurable results lead to continued support and appropriate funding; but how can the results of training be measured? A solid understanding of the, Read More

“In an economy where good jobs require postsecondary education and training, the growing economic divide between those with and those without postsecondary education and training will continue to widen, fostering intergenerational reproduction of economic and cultural elites inimical to our democratic ethos and our worthiness for leadership in the global contest of cultures.” ~ Anthony Carnevale    Director    Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce The job of a trainer extends far beyond the company he works for.  Training is a lasting, irrevocable asset that individuals carry with them throughout their careers.  Training doesn’t just improve the performance, Read More

How do you know that training is worth it? We know that training and professional development benefit employees.  But how does that benefit compare to the time and resources put forth by organizations? There are many factors to consider when answering this question – a lot of which are qualitative measures.  Author and ROI expert Patti Phillips offers methods to determine the return on investment in training programs in her new book, The Bottomline on ROI. As developers of training products, we’ve been thinking about ROI, too.  Here are some articles we’ve been reading: How does your organization maximize, Read More

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