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The way that we interact with others has a direct effect on our personal and professional success. But how do we achieve successful interactions? Why not start with ourselves?  By building an understanding of our own part of an interaction – our own personality style – we can better perceive similar and disparate traits in others, and flex our style to better work with them. The ability and the desire to interact with others are usually characteristics ascribed to extroverts.  But, not all interactions are physical or verbal.  In her new book, Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a, Read More

How do you know that training is worth it? We know that training and professional development benefit employees.  But how does that benefit compare to the time and resources put forth by organizations? There are many factors to consider when answering this question – a lot of which are qualitative measures.  Author and ROI expert Patti Phillips offers methods to determine the return on investment in training programs in her new book, The Bottomline on ROI. As developers of training products, we’ve been thinking about ROI, too.  Here are some articles we’ve been reading: How does your organization maximize, Read More

We couldn’t agree more that effective communication is the very lifeblood of any organization. Communication must be clear and persuasive between managers and employees, and between employees and customers, for vital goals to be met. If you want to bring about meaningful improvements in communication skills, the best way to begin is to build a better understanding of personal communication styles and their effects on other people. What’s My Communication Style? is a proven training assessment that identifies an individual’s preferred style — Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic — and the communication behaviors that distinguish it. What’s My Communication Style?, Read More

Does your company have a common organizational language for values? Our staff recently played our newest product, The Values Edge System, An Exercise in Personal and Team Discovery, and that has us talking about what it means to connect personal values to organizational strategy. We’ve put together a stack of articles on values in the workplace for you. Do you know what values drive your actions? What about the values that drive your organization? Check out some of the articles we’ve been reading about values here.

Our products, your training. Send us a short video of any HRDQ training product in action or post it to our Facebook page, and we’ll send you a gift certificate for $25 off your next order with us. When the contest ends, we will review all entries and HRDQ staff will decide on a favorite. One winner will receive an iPad! Contest Rules: Videos should be 3 minutes or less in length Products used must be actual HRDQ products (but can be used in conjunction with other products/materials) Entries must be posted to Facebook or sent to by Monday,, Read More

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