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FREE Webinar Wednesday, August 14 11am – 12pm ET While projects usually start with good intentions and lots of enthusiasm, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain that focus and energy when you have to juggle multiple priorities at the same time. No longer just the responsibility of those trained as project specialists, the ability to manage everyday projects is a requirement for many people in today’s organizations. Join author and project management expert Lou Russell for an hour-long session that will address common stumbling blocks and offer you a practical formula for success. What You Will Learn What it means to, Read More

A Guest-Post from Lou Russell President and CEO of Russell Martin & Associates and author of Rocket, Project Management for Trainers, Leadership Training, and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management. .  .  .  .  . “The project manager is the linchpin in the horizontal/vertical organizations we’re creating.” – William Dauphinais Imagine you are in a room with 100 people. Take a moment and think about how you and a team of four other people would gather as many signatures as possible (one per person max) on a single sheet of paper in two minutes. This exercise would demonstrate some basic, Read More

Project management is changing.  The use of agility systems has tripled since 2008, and managers need to accommodate changing technologies and methodologies as they surface and proliferate. Now is the time to strengthen basic project management skills – fundamentals that enable anyone, in any business environment to contribute to the success of their team.  Lou Russell has over 30 years of experience helping businesses reach their full potential, and managing projects of her own.  From her expertise, we can learn to manage projects (and project teams) in changing environments, matrix teams, and agility-based cultures. Stressing a fast pace and flexibility,, Read More

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