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“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.”  Henry Kissinger In order to make this happen, it helps if one employs a little higher order thinking to take a personal inventory of his leadership style – and how he motivates his team to exceed all expectations. It’s more than just getting people to jump through the hoops and maintain the status quo. If a leader truly wants to engage her colleagues and light the fires of innovation and progress, she will assess her own skill set such that, Read More

We’ve all, at one point or another, thrived under good leaders and suffered under bad leaders.  Those great leaders demurely hold a mirror before us and allow us to see the absolute best we are able to produce and envision. Those inferior leaders simply nonchalantly- or maliciously- stick a foot out and let us trip and fall while they check their watches and wonder who might have been looking. The good leaders will bring a sense of purpose, vision, and competency to the table as they deftly bring out the best in their team members and get everyone to work, Read More

Does your organization develop its star players, or simply make the most informed hires it can and hope for the best? Even though it’s common business knowledge that developing the workforce in general is the key to remaining competitive, it remains difficult to make the same claim for individuals – star players that are already pulling their own weight on the team. What do they need? If they’re doing well and are even out-performing most of their peers, why do you need to spend resources developing them? Because they will burn out if you don’t. The path of least resistance, Read More

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