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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 2pm – 3pm ET For years, the retirement of the baby boom generation has been an impending threat. Now, it’s no longer just impending — it’s happening. Each month, a quarter-million Americans turn 65. That’s a trend with overwhelming workplace consequences. Companies, big and small, will soon be faced with single-handedly being in charge of developing skills for the next generation of leaders. Join subject matter expert Daniel Tobin’s upcoming live webinar, Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders. In this one-hour webinar, he will share a plan for leadership development molded for small to large companies., Read More

So often we think of legacy as something we leave behind when we’re gone. But what if the leaders in your organization were living their legacies in real time? It’s a powerful concept when you think about it. With the right resources and skills, leaders who live their legacies now can be better leaders today. They can mold your organization for generations to come, and they can also position your organization for ongoing success. The concept of legacy leadership is not new. In fact, there are many bestselling books that touch on the topic such as Built to Last and, Read More

We’ve all, at one point or another, thrived under good leaders and suffered under bad leaders.  Those great leaders demurely hold a mirror before us and allow us to see the absolute best we are able to produce and envision. Those inferior leaders simply nonchalantly- or maliciously- stick a foot out and let us trip and fall while they check their watches and wonder who might have been looking. The good leaders will bring a sense of purpose, vision, and competency to the table as they deftly bring out the best in their team members and get everyone to work, Read More

In military speak, “noncoms” are those non-commissioned leaders who rise through the ranks. They pay their dues while slogging through the mire and the muck, taking orders from those who they may or may not believe deserve their attention and respect. However, their personal sets of skills and abilities enable noncoms to achieve more than the average “grunt.” They become leaders–deservedly so. They will go on to be the “supervisors” in the field to whom their troops may or may not give their respect and attention. In a business setting, employees often experience similar professional development trajectories. Their exemplary work, Read More

Play Your Cards Right! How to Use Card Games to Increase Learning Outcomes Presented by Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan & Tracy Tagliati Wednesday, June 4, 2014 2-3pm ET Have you ever tried your hand at playing cards in the training classroom? Card games motivate people to take an active role in the learning process, provide a wide variety of experiences in a highly engaging context, and promote quick mastery of new skills. Not only are card games fun to play—they make learning really stick. And we’ve got the industry’s most-respected experts lined up to show you exactly how. Join Dr., Read More

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