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When a baby is born, more often than not, the moment he realizes his mother’s protective, nurturing, familiar womb is no longer his place of residence, he lets fly a torrent of baleful, perhaps even horrified screams.   Doctors smile, fathers beam, mothers breathe, all the while baby boy is trying his darnedest to express his innermost feelings and thoughts. Interpersonal communication at its most essential. I am hungry; I am cold; I am scared. Fast forward 16 years, and he still coos in his mother’s ear – only this time it’s to borrow the car… Unfortunately, we often lose the, Read More

Do you recognize this cast of workplace characters?  The “my way or the highway” tough guy (or girl), the gossipy saboteur, and the quiet pushover.  It’s fair to say just about every organization has them. But then there’s the one who always seems to get his or her point across. The assertive one.  The one who is calm, confident, and communicates with a synergistic attitude. I’m sure you agree that your organization needs more people to assume this role. In today’s complex business world, collaboration is no longer a nicety. It’s an expectation that’s paramount to our success. From resolving, Read More

Interpersonal Influence is a key factor in contemporary business.  In a growing market, everyone is in the business of selling ideas.  And when a sale is defined by buy-in and commitment, it’s the communication of goals and vision that does the selling.  Offering solutions in an appropriate and influential way is, in most cases, the result of observation.  Taking into account the situations of others, and how you fit into them allows you to communicate on common ground. But, it is reductive to say that communication – what we say and how we act – is a result of our, Read More

When thinking about behavior in business, there are many ways to measure and compare the way we naturally act.  One common metric is assertiveness – whether we are inclined toward passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, or assertive behavior.  All of these styles have an effect on those around us, and our relationships with them.  We need to be aware of the behaviors we are exhibiting in order to shape positive relationships. Click here to learn more about Interpersonal Influence – a collection of articles about how our behavior effects others, and how we can use that knowledge to improve our relationships. Available, Read More

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