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Maybe you wrinkled your nose when you first heard terms like blogs, tweets, posts, and wikis enter your organization’s vocabulary. Perhaps social media didn’t even exist when you started your professional career. But social media is here to stay—and it’s not just a tech-savvy marketing channel anymore. It’s time to rethink what constitutes a learning tool. It’s time to consider social media and the role it can play in employee and management development. Learning is a continuous process. It’s not something that happens independent of any given work day. In fact Jay Cross, the author of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the, Read More

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Personality Style at Work

Personality is an attention-grabbing topic. It’s exciting to discover the root cause of your behavior and why you act the way you do. Not to mention, figuring out what makes people tick and how best to deal with them is downright fascinating—even a bit strategic. There are other reasons to pay attention to personality besides curiosity alone. Personality is what determines how we communicate, act as leaders, and get along with others. It drives career choices, performance track records, and organizational culture, just to name a few. Some of us understand the ins and outs of personality through intuition, gut, Read More

Businesses have cross-functional and multi-functional teams, virtual environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships.  They are now being replaced with organizational charts that look more like a spiderweb than anything else! The keyword is Matrix Management. And it’s a good thing. Here’s why: Simply put, you can’t do today’s work with yesterday’s top-down approach. There was a time when a single chain of command drove performance but withith the emergence of workforce globalization, customer insistence, and technology fluctuation, this once-effective approach has become a hindrance to creativity, innovation, and accountability. Success now comes from collaborating with multiple touch points and building dynamic, Read More

You have a wide-range of training needs, you want customized materials, you have a tight budget, and you need it yesterday. The Reproducible Training Library is the solution for trainers with ambitious goals who refuse to sacrifice quality, regardless of ever-shrinking budgets. A comprehensive collection of more than 100 soft-skills training programs on more than 20 topics, here is the complete and affordable solution that makes it possible for you to deliver customized (yes, customized!) training programs to a countless number of audiences. The course are adaptable. Everything is reproducible. And all of it is instantly downloadable and available for, Read More

Why can’t these people work together as a team?” If only you had a dollar for every time you heard that plea. So why do some continue to struggle with team performance? After all, it’s not a new or unfamiliar concept. And it today’s world, it’s vital to success, especially with the growing trend toward virtual, cross-functional, and multi-functional teams. A lack of understanding is partly to blame.  Believe it or not, sometimes groups simply don’t “get” what it means to be a team—or how to do it. Sure, you can stand at the head of a classroom and tell, Read More

Having great people skills doesn’t mean being the life of the party or having the gift of gab. People skills are much more than that. They’re what make up your personality. They’re what make you undeniably you. They’re the foundation of who you are and how you approach every role—from being a leader to communicating with others and being a team player. Before you begin your next training initiative, make sure you add some personality to it. I’m not talking about making it more energetic or fun, although these are important as well. I’m suggesting you start your next program, Read More

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Do you recognize this cast of workplace characters?  The “my way or the highway” tough guy (or girl), the gossipy saboteur, and the quiet pushover.  It’s fair to say just about every organization has them. But then there’s the one who always seems to get his or her point across. The assertive one.  The one who is calm, confident, and communicates with a synergistic attitude. I’m sure you agree that your organization needs more people to assume this role. In today’s complex business world, collaboration is no longer a nicety. It’s an expectation that’s paramount to our success. From resolving, Read More

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