Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment

Street smart. Book smart. Common sense. Knowing your Ps and Qs. There are many ways to define one’s intelligence. However, one thing that pays high dividends from the entry-level mail sorter to the chairman of the board is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has become a lens we often use to assess and act upon problems, people, past decisions, and future opportunities. Therefore, developing such intelligence is for everyone. Emotional intelligence is our capacity to identify, use, comprehend, and manage our emotions in such a way that we can positively function in stressful situations. You are with us or against us., Read More

Emotional Intelligence plays a critical role in our daily lives.  Whether or not we’d like them to, our emotions influence our actions.  In order to control this influence, we need to understand our emotions – and to a certain extent, we all do.  There is always room to improve and expand this understanding, but Emotional Intelligence can be difficult to quantify. The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EiSA) helps simplify the process of measuring Emotional Intelligence by breaking it down into 5 scales: Perceiving Managing Decision Making Achieving Influencing Each scale represents an individual’s ability to manage their emotions to a, Read More

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