Dennis Jaffe

Do the people in your organization cheer when a new change initiative is announced? Probably not. It’s natural to dislike organizational change, especially when you have no control over it. Whether it is an office move, the rollout of a new software system, revamped operating procedures, or a company merger, change management strikes feelings of fear, anger, resistance, and resentment into employees and managers. Before individuals can commit to an organizational change, they must first transition through a four-phase pattern of feelings and reactions: Denial, Resistance, Exploration, or Commitment. It’s much like the grieving process. Some will move quickly, some, Read More

Change is the only constant. You’ve heard it before, but the saying is true now more than ever. So how can you ensure your organization will weather these turbulent times? Strengthen your core. By this I mean your organization’s values, culture, and identity. Values are what drive action, and they’re the one facet of your organization that won’t waver when times get tough. Take IBM, for example. A global leader founded in 1911, IBM has transformed business, science, and even society. Its leaders attribute the organization’s success to many things, including innovation, globalization, and the deliberate creation of a shared, Read More

In both personal and professional contexts, we exist in relation to our environment and the people we interact with.  Because our environment is constantly changing, the only way we can remain reliable, relevant, and competitive is to change with it. Sometimes changes can be unexpected or uncomfortable.  It’s not uncommon to reject the idea of change and cling to established routines and ways of thinking. But no amount of resistance will stop change from happening.  Even if we, as individuals, do not change our behaviors, we are still changing our relationship to our environment.  By acknowledging our own attitude towards, Read More

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