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If you’re looking for reproducible and customizable training materials, check out HRDQs full library of over 75 training titles.

Change is the only constant. You’ve heard it before, but the saying is true now more than ever. So how can you ensure your organization will weather these turbulent times? Strengthen your core. By this I mean your organization’s values, culture, and identity. Values are what drive action, and they’re the one facet of your organization that won’t waver when times get tough. Take IBM, for example. A global leader founded in 1911, IBM has transformed business, science, and even society. Its leaders attribute the organization’s success to many things, including innovation, globalization, and the deliberate creation of a shared, Read More

In 450BC, Confucius said, “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do and I understand.” Thousands of years later, this Chinese proverb still rings true. If you want people to truly learn and internalize a new skill, you can’t just tell them how—even in a world filled with high-tech gadgets and information at the fingertips. They must do it. So when our clients started asking us for learning tools to supplement the HRDQ Style Series assessments, we knew what step to take next. Voila! The Personality Style Toolkit: 20 Activities for Understanding, Developing, and Flexing, Read More

It’s May Day!  A day to celebrate rebirth and embrace new beginnings.  With a parting nod to the difficulties of winter, we can begin sowing the seeds of our next harvest.  And, since we’re not in the farming business (not full time, anyway), we’re thinking about renaissance training.  A new kind of training that moves with you – through any topic, and into the future. The Reproducible Training Library is more than a comprehensive bank of renewable resources.  It’s something that can grow and develop with you and your organization. Making a place for the RTL in your organization is, Read More

The HRDQ Digital Catalog makes it easier for you to find the training resources you need. Click here to start flipping through the digital edition. You’ll be able to click on the products you’re interested in, and go directly to the website. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside: Watch personality style take shape On the cover of this month’s issue is the new Personality Style Toolkit: 20 Activities for Understanding, Developing, and Flexing Style. An excellent follow-up to HRDQ Style Series assessments such as What’s My Communication Style and What’s My Style, the toolkit gives people firsthand experience, Read More

The latest addition to the Reproducible Training Library is here! Each one of us has perceptions of reality about how the world works—or should work, at least. Built from everyday experiences and outside influences, mental models are what guide our thinking, provide understanding, and direct decision-making. But mental models can become stale, and just as technology shifts and advances, so does the need to update and reconstruct our mental models. Mental Models: The Key to Making Reality-Based Decisions helps people to tune into their current mindset by assessing their mental models, clarifying assumptions, and revealing hidden beliefs. As a result, individuals,, Read More

by Bradford Glaser, HRDQ President & CEO Disaster struck the southern United States last Spring. In just two days, 300 tornadoes ravaged six states, killing more than 325 people and displacing more than 13,000 families. The impact of this tragedy will affect its victims for months—maybe even years—to come. Just like many other organizations all over the United States, HRDQ wanted to help. We made a donation to the American Red Cross relief efforts. But we knew it wasn’t enough. Throughout the month of May, HRDQ donated 10% of every Reproducible Training Library (RTL) sale to the Southern Relief long-term, Read More

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