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Most of us need to collaborate or negotiate with at least someone every day.  In an ideal situation, everyone with whom we work will have the same goals that we do – but that is rarely the case. When we interact with others, we have to give up at least some control of the situation’s outcome.  We will not always get our way, and we can’t predict or prescribe the actions of others.  Knowing this, the best thing we can do is choose behaviors that are most likely to lead to a positive outcome for everyone involved – stepping outside, Read More

Change is not an easy thing for most organizations to deal with – especially when paired with conflict.  Maintaining high performance in a changing environment is a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome by starting with the individual. Resilience in individuals extends to teams’ ability to handle conflict.  When an individual sees the value in issues or problems identified, conflict and change can be seen as opportunities, not obstacles.  But, not everyone is naturally disposed in this way.  Some need leadership to guide them through times of fluctuation. A good leader provides transparency throughout processes – he encourages, Read More

Learning about Personality Style isn’t all about getting along.  People with different Personality Styles approach and respond to conflict in different ways.  In order to address and work through conflict to positive resolutions, we have to communicate effectively.  A thorough understanding – not only of those with whom we are in conflict – but of ourselves, can take us a long way in improving our everyday interactions.  If we can’t understand why we react the way we do in conflict, how can we conduct ourselves effectively? In Kate Ward’s Personality Style at Work, she writes: Communication becomes much more challenging, Read More

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