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Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career or training employees in your organization, a communication style inventory is the key to developing effective communication skills.

Managing your emotions doesn’t always mean keeping them in check. By understanding our emotions – what causes them, how we show them, and what affect they have on ourselves and others – we can make better decisions about how we interact with those around us. HRDQ has recently made available a great online tool for measuring and improving your Emotional Intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) measures your “EQ” on four scales: Perceiving, Managing, Decision Making, and Influencing. Our staff all took the assessment recently, and we’ve all found it to be a great platform for reflection and self-improvement, as, Read More

The way that we interact with others has a direct effect on our personal and professional success. But how do we achieve successful interactions? Why not start with ourselves?  By building an understanding of our own part of an interaction – our own personality style – we can better perceive similar and disparate traits in others, and flex our style to better work with them. The ability and the desire to interact with others are usually characteristics ascribed to extroverts.  But, not all interactions are physical or verbal.  In her new book, Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a, Read More

We couldn’t agree more that effective communication is the very lifeblood of any organization. Communication must be clear and persuasive between managers and employees, and between employees and customers, for vital goals to be met. If you want to bring about meaningful improvements in communication skills, the best way to begin is to build a better understanding of personal communication styles and their effects on other people. What’s My Communication Style? is a proven training assessment that identifies an individual’s preferred style — Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic — and the communication behaviors that distinguish it. What’s My Communication Style?, Read More

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