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Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career or training employees in your organization, a communication style inventory is the key to developing effective communication skills.

What your workspace tells about your co-workers and your communication styles. Throwing away old papers? Dusting off that top shelf? During your office spring cleaning, take a closer look around your workspace. Does your desk have an endless supply of papers strewn across it; or is it so clear of clutter that you can see every inch of the desk with charts and graphs on your wall? Are papers arranged in neat organized piles?  Or mixed with personal photos and some clutter? Your work space can provide insight into your personality style. Personal style is developed over time and revealed, Read More

Although you may not think of yourself as a negotiator (like, with a capital N), negotiating is something we all do all the time.  It’s communication aimed at mutual need satisfaction. But even though we do it all the time, there’s a lot to negotiating – and by building the right interpersonal skills and modeling our behavior on a sound methodology, we can all reach positive outcomes.  The key is knowing which skills are in need of building, and how to put them into practice. Self-assessment is the first step toward improved performance.  In order to progress, we first have, Read More

A few weeks from now, HRDQ will be at the ASTD International Conference and Exhibition (ahem), so we’re brushing up on our presentation skills. It’s not at all uncommon to worry over public presentations – they come with a lot of challenges: Presentations require a set of communication skills that don’t get as much practice as your everyday skills do. You only have one chance to impress and influence your audience. Presenting can make you feel isolated – unsupported and disconnected, left to close a gap between you and your audience (who sit in judgment). They’re all going to laugh, Read More

On St, Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish.  It’s not really about ethnicity or religion – it’s about finding things that are special and unique in us and in others, and celebrating them.  It’s about being aware and appreciative of differences. But more than that, it’s an acknowledgement that behavior is a choice.  We can shape our interactions and interpersonal relationships by choosing certain behaviors. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone incorporates the good, fun parts of the signifier “Irish” into their own behavior.  In the same regard, we can all flex our Personality Style to incorporate positive aspects of other styles, Read More

I love listening!  It’s just the best, really. Can we take a minute to talk about how great listening is? The benefits of effective listening are innumerable.   And although it is sometimes overshadowed by its flashier contemporaries Speaking and Presenting, Listening has more to offer than we often realize. Listening is preparing for, reaching, and confirming understanding.  Come on, that’s so great!  You never don’t need that – there’s no situation that doesn’t benefit from effective listening.  And though it seems content to remain that loveable, yet fey workhorse behind the scenes, my relationship with Listening does take effort and, Read More

By Linda Galindo, author of The Accountability Experience, first posted on her blog 12/14/12 Imagine yourself sitting with your leadership group as an Executive Retreat on the topic of Accountaility is about to start. In your mind it’s going to be some type of training. Are you bored, excited, nervous, ready to engage? The speaker is introduced and begins with a question: “How many of you would experience a much better work life if the people that worked for you had a higher level of personal accountability?” Every hand in the meeting room goes up. Why? Why would everyone around you demonstrating a, Read More

In 1999 the Mars Climate Orbiter burned up as it entered the Martian atmosphere after $125 million spent in development and nine months of travel. The cause? A lapse in communication. It all came crashing down because the navigation team and the designers of the spacecraft weren’t communicating essential information in a common language; one used English measurements and the other used metric to relay vital data. “It is very difficult for me to imagine how such a fundamental, basic discrepancy could have remained in the system for so long,” John Pike, Space Policy Director at the Federation of American Scientists,, Read More

Our Personality Style comes through every day, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Awareness allows us to take control of – and improve – our interpersonal relationships.  Developing an understanding of our Personality Style can be the first step in improvement.  This Halloween, you can start by choosing to celebrate your style.  Obviously, you were planning on being a Ninja Turtle.  I didn’t even have to ask.  But which one should you be? Do you have a Direct style? Raphael embodies the Direct style.  Never hesitating to take action, he’s always ready when the team encounters conflict and, Read More

FREE WEBINAR Hosted by HRDQ Presented by Annette Cremo Thursday, October 25th, 2012 11:00am – 12:00pm (eastern time) Research shows that assertive behavior improves individual and organizational performance. The ability to influence others is critical to anyone in a leadership or sales role, and enormously useful to just about everybody else. But people aren’t necessarily born assertive – it’s largely an acquired skill. And that’s good news for trainers. Join Dr. Annette Cremo for a free webinar that will examine how understanding influence style can set the stage for skill development. What You Will Learn How to identify personal influence style, Read More

Why should you care about your employees’ personalities? If they are fulfilling their job as outlined, and are generally following the organizational culture, you are doing pretty well, right? Although many leaders might agree with that statement, it sets the bar much lower than it needs to. There is likely untapped productivity within the personality of your employees – even the hopelessly under-performing or endlessly average ones. According to Scott Keller, performance improvement expert and co-author of Beyond Performance (2011, Wiley), “…we’ve found that leaders can create and sustain stronger business results if they understand — and manage — how, Read More

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