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There’s always been a lot of buzz about the benefits of collaboration. But before you assume collaboration is the best strategy for executing organizational goals and objectives, consider this: there’s a right way to collaborate and a wrong way to collaborate. And sometimes, collaboration is the wrong strategy altogether. Successful collaboration requires a combination of the appropriate situation, a well-developed skill set, and an open mind. So how can you determine with confidence when—and if—to choose this approach as a means to achieving your goals? Let’s start with the need for collaboration. The Need for Collaboration Do more with less., Read More

To collaborate … or not to collaborate. That is the question. Sure, the benefits of collaboration can be significant. Creative thinking. Employee engagement. Effective problem solving. Increased productivity. Job satisfaction. This list goes on. That’s when things run smoothly, operations are efficient, and individuals contribute unique perspectives. But collaboration has to be done well to be effective; studies show that bad collaboration is actually worse than no collaboration at all. There’s far more to collaboration than simply working together. You need to produce synergistic results—outcomes that would not be achieved otherwise. So there’s a right way to collaborate and a, Read More

There are many measurable skills that contribute to individual high performance.  Furthermore, there are essential soft skills that make possible the delivery of that performance to an organization. A majority of these soft skills pertain to interpersonal relationships, and so are only visible in team settings.  Working as part of a team is much more difficult than working on one’s own – it means having to rely on others, committing to a common set of objectives, and modifying one’s own behaviors to accommodate those of others and move everyone toward shared goals. There are, however, simple choices that can improve, Read More

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