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Creativity now tops the list of critical soft skills. Research shows it makes a substantial contribution to performance and profitability. Your competition is likely to target it as a skill for development now and in the future – and you should, too. Organizations that develop creativity reap significant benefits, including better team building, increased flexibility, greater retention rates, and cutting-edge products. Ernst & Young’s Connecting Innovation to Profit report noted, “We assume 50% of our revenue in five years’ time must come from sources that do not exist today. That is why we innovate. The ability to manage, organize, cultivate,, Read More

You have a wide-range of training needs, you want customized materials, you have a tight budget, and you need it yesterday. The Reproducible Training Library is the solution for trainers with ambitious goals who refuse to sacrifice quality, regardless of ever-shrinking budgets. A comprehensive collection of more than 100 soft-skills training programs on more than 20 topics, here is the complete and affordable solution that makes it possible for you to deliver customized (yes, customized!) training programs to a countless number of audiences. The course are adaptable. Everything is reproducible. And all of it is instantly downloadable and available for, Read More

Your organization strives to hire the best talent. Perhaps they’ve achieved that goal, filling the ranks with top performers who achieve their annual goals, follow procedures, actively participate in meetings, and make themselves readily accessible. These are commendable qualities for sure. The thing is your best employees aren’t necessarily indispensable. A value to your organization? Most certainly, yes. But indispensable? Probably not. There are distinct differences between top performers and those who are truly indispensable. Just like business owners, indispensable employees take ownership. They’re driven to act and behave differently. They’re well-planned, solution-oriented, and proactive. They know they’re replaceable, and, Read More

A great deal of time and care is put into developing the most valuable and effective content for soft-skills training. There are, however, environmental factors that need to be addressed when facilitating adult learning. The physical setting for children’s learning is pretty specific.  Seats in a discreet array, facing a blackboard with a teacher in front of it, quiet and still, constantly watched.  Transmission of information is controlled solely by the teacher, and the children assume a passive role – facing negative consequences should they not. When an adult enters an environment that is modeled after childhood learning, they tend, Read More

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