Assertiveness Skills

  Assertiveness skills are crucial to professional development, as well as other aspects of life. Asking for what you need, handling confrontations gracefully, and putting ideas forward with confidence are tools that will help get your career to where you want it to go. Not only do these skills improve teamwork, focus discussions, and build relationships, but they also help individuals to become competent, constructive, confident, and perform at their best. Assertiveness Skills, one of 75 soft-skills training programs in the Reproducible Training Library, provides the skill development, practice, and understanding that individuals need to learn to how to be truly assertive., Read More

FREE WEBINAR Hosted by HRDQ Presented by Annette Cremo Thursday, October 25th, 2012 11:00am – 12:00pm (eastern time) Research shows that assertive behavior improves individual and organizational performance. The ability to influence others is critical to anyone in a leadership or sales role, and enormously useful to just about everybody else. But people aren’t necessarily born assertive – it’s largely an acquired skill. And that’s good news for trainers. Join Dr. Annette Cremo for a free webinar that will examine how understanding influence style can set the stage for skill development. What You Will Learn How to identify personal influence style, Read More

Interpersonal Influence is a key factor in contemporary business.  In a growing market, everyone is in the business of selling ideas.  And when a sale is defined by buy-in and commitment, it’s the communication of goals and vision that does the selling.  Offering solutions in an appropriate and influential way is, in most cases, the result of observation.  Taking into account the situations of others, and how you fit into them allows you to communicate on common ground. But, it is reductive to say that communication – what we say and how we act – is a result of our, Read More

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