A green blog?  You might be thinking to yourself: Wait, aren’t all blogs green? Well, unfortunately, they’re not. Websites and blogs require the use of servers, networks, computers, and electricity. And that creates a carbon footprint. Did you know that just one small, personal blog creates nearly a ton of CO2 each year? HRDQ is sensitive to the effect our organization has on the environment. In fact, we’ve made it a strategic initiative to search for more eco-friendly ways of operating our business, from new product packaging to conserving natural resources— and now, a green blog. We did it with the, Read More

I got back from the ASTD conference yesterday, and all I keep thinking is: wow, what a show! There was a great vibe in the air – lots of energy, a sense of optimism, and a renewed commitment to why we do what we do. It was refreshing. The expo far exceeded our expectations as a company. The last time HRDQ exhibited at ASTD was back in 2001, just months before the 9/11 tragedy. We weren’t certain what to expect. Well, it was quite a pleasant surprise. We chose a focused strategy this year. We took just a small 10’x10’ booth,, Read More

HRDQ is attending ASTD 2010 at the International Conference & Expo being held in Chicago,  May 16-19. Please stop by and visit us in booth #238. This year our booth is dedicated to our best-selling assessment What’s My Communication Style? You can take the assessment for free and identify your communication style on the spot. And, you can walk away with your very own “blinking” Communication Style button. At the end of each day we’ll post an Expo “Style Profile” using the assessment results from everyone who visits the booth. It will be particularly interesting to see the spread of communication styles, Read More

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