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Why can’t these people work together as a team?” If only you had a dollar for every time you heard that plea. So why do some continue to struggle with team performance? After all, it’s not a new or unfamiliar concept. And it today’s world, it’s vital to success, especially with the growing trend toward virtual, cross-functional, and multi-functional teams. A lack of understanding is partly to blame.  Believe it or not, sometimes groups simply don’t “get” what it means to be a team—or how to do it. Sure, you can stand at the head of a classroom and tell, Read More

So often we think of legacy as something we leave behind when we’re gone. But what if the leaders in your organization were living their legacies in real time? It’s a powerful concept when you think about it. With the right resources and skills, leaders who live their legacies now can be better leaders today. They can mold your organization for generations to come, and they can also position your organization for ongoing success. The concept of legacy leadership is not new. In fact, there are many bestselling books that touch on the topic such as Built to Last and, Read More

Gallup recently reported staggering statistics about job misery. They reported that more than 75% of workers consider themselves to be in miserable jobs. What shocks me even more is that job misery costs employers a whopping $350 million in lost productivity. Miserable jobs are what cause the “Sunday blues,” the phenomenon that robs people of their energy and self-esteem, makes them cynical and unhappy—and is the source of both low morale and high turnover in organizations. While one could from a self-reliance perspective ask why we as individuals choose to live this way, for your organization it’s in your best, Read More

Having great people skills doesn’t mean being the life of the party or having the gift of gab. People skills are much more than that. They’re what make up your personality. They’re what make you undeniably you. They’re the foundation of who you are and how you approach every role—from being a leader to communicating with others and being a team player. Before you begin your next training initiative, make sure you add some personality to it. I’m not talking about making it more energetic or fun, although these are important as well. I’m suggesting you start your next program, Read More

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