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Catalyst is a fun, interactive game that helps individuals and teams to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in verbal communication. It is appropriate for any organizational level and can be used as a tool in soft-skills training, employee interviews, or company orientation. Catalyst: Think Improvement for Line-Level Leaders, is an interactive exercise using current concepts of organizational effectiveness and success to identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses in thinking and verbal communication. It is viable for communication training, employee interviews, company orientations and team building. It promotes practical steps to improved information exchange. Catalyst works for many reasons: It, Read More

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 2pm – 3pm ET In a complex world, being a leader is about more than just what you think; it’s about how you think. A new comprehensive study into the thinking preferences and work elements of CEOs working across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North and South America reveals a number of trends about the mental work activities of global leaders that you can use to inform your own development strategies. This engaging, interactive webinar will take you inside the data, collected for the newly updated Whole Brain Business Book, and show you how to apply the findings, Read More

When a baby is born, more often than not, the moment he realizes his mother’s protective, nurturing, familiar womb is no longer his place of residence, he lets fly a torrent of baleful, perhaps even horrified screams.   Doctors smile, fathers beam, mothers breathe, all the while baby boy is trying his darnedest to express his innermost feelings and thoughts. Interpersonal communication at its most essential. I am hungry; I am cold; I am scared. Fast forward 16 years, and he still coos in his mother’s ear – only this time it’s to borrow the car… Unfortunately, we often lose the, Read More

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2pm – 3pm ET Change is here to stay. That’s probably no secret to you. For years, we have all heard that the “only constant is change.” Change is present in every aspect of your life and has become the norm in all organizations. The frequency and pace at which leaders must ask employees to change course or adapt to new systems and initiatives continues to accelerate. Sign up now for a free webinar, Leading Others Through Change, that will teach participants how to manage resistance, garner commitment, and increase motivation for the change from start, Read More

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