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Conflict, properly managed, can yield many benefits – but it’s something people generally don’t like.  Conflict doesn’t always feel good; it can bring guilt, shame, anger, and hurt feelings to those involved.  But it’s like at the doctor’s office – how they get you to be less wary of something by breaking it down and explaining how it works before applying it to you. Conflict is more approachable when you understand exactly what it is and how it relates to you.  You don’t need to avoid it if you can make informed choices about it.  Very basically, conflict is when, Read More

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” ~Zig Ziglar Zig Ziglar, famous motivational speaker and leader, died recently, at the age of 86. No matter what position or industry you work in, Mr. Ziglar’s teachings have created a legacy that we can all benefit from. His message of positive motivation revolutionary for its time, and has endured to enrich our lives today. It was his life’s mission to spread positive motivation to everyone who came into contact with him. His message was not a, Read More

Each of us has our own learning style.  The challenge of any trainer is to provide effective training across all styles – and we believe the solution is Experiential Learning. Our training solutions don’t just tell how something should be done. They show you. With HRDQ’s materials, your audience is asked to reflect, experience, practice, modify, and integrate. Learners are given the opportunity to engage in exercises that enable them to discover the value of a skill—and then practice doing it. Once they’ve done it, they know they can do it even better the next time. And that’s what leads, Read More

Staying on Track in Challenging Times by Sharon M. Gazda President Edizen In the past six months, I have observed a trend while coaching senior managers. The topic of delegation, and the challenge it presents, is coming up in every session. This is not a surprise given today’s work environment with tighter budgets, fewer resources, and less time. Managers are responding by taking on more work. However, this reaction is counterproductive and may actually lead to manager derailment. What is Manager Derailment? Manager derailment is the result of behaviors that cause managers to overestimate their own capacities, lose sight of how, Read More

Team building, leadership, communication, and negotiating. Those are just a few of the titles in the Reproducible Training Library that you can customize to make your training, your way. We’ve put in the time, and done the research and program development for you. Now you can pick out the programs you want, customize them to your needs, and you’re ready to train. Buy a 5-pack of titles today, and save 50%! You get each program for just $199! Hurry! Offer Ends 1/31/12 Get any 5 titles for just $995 You’ll save 50% per program! (reg. $399) Enter coupon code RTLJAN12 at, Read More

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