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Customer service training games will help your team improve both service and sales calls. Help them to build the learning and listening skills that they will need to deliver exceptional customer service.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 2pm – 3pm ET The cost of acquiring a new customer is on average five times greater than the cost of retaining an existing customer. In spite of that statistic, most organizations spend more effort on acquiring new customers than on investing in the maintenance of current ones. This is both foolish and poor business. Retention equates to lower acquisition costs, greater word-of-mouth referrals, more stable and predictable customer interactions and generally improved organizational morale. Join us for an hour of learning and insight into the mind of the customer and what he or she really wants. In order to be, Read More

Managers as Mentors Building Relationships for Learning Wednesday, July 30, 2014 2-3pm ET Much has changed about mentoring in the modern organization. Nowadays leaders at every level—from the bottom to the top—have the responsibility to perform as learning catalysts and trusted advisors. But how can managers effectively carry out insight goals from in-charge roles? According to bestselling author and relationship expert Dr. Chip Bell, the key to success is to build a partnership in learning. Grab a cup coffee and dial into Managers as Mentors: Building Relationships for Learning. Inspired by the book Dr. Bell co-authored with Marshall Goldsmith, you’ll, Read More

We divide skills into two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the technical or functional abilities that apply directly to a job title (such as teacher, attorney or engineer). Soft skills apply more to personal characteristics and work ethic such as effective communication, problem resolution, customer service, and team collaboration. Soft skills are the abilities and traits that relate to personality, attitude, and behavior. They are important in getting (and keeping!) a job. Take for example, a customer service professional who is excellent at the technical aspects of his job.  He is proficient.  He is punctual.  He, Read More

Great customer service isn’t just present on the front lines of business – it’s an organizational value. Of course, every job function is different, and not all of them include direct interaction with customers; but great customer service isn’t really about what to say and how to say it – it’s about developing attitudes and dispositions that lead to patterns of effective behavior and individual successes.  And those, in turn, add up to organizational success. While it is the sum of individual efforts that defines an organization with great customer service, the expectation of greatness needs to be present on, Read More

Giving Season will soon be upon us.  Whether we’re talking about annual gifts, holiday gifts, or because-it’s-been-a-hard-day gifts, people want to buy things.  And you want them to buy things from you. So, how do you make that happen?  Well, lots of ways.  But let’s assume that you’ve already got a great team, a great brand, and a great product.  Now you have to sell it. Selling isn’t easy – it takes time and personal investment, effective communication, negotiation, creativity…pretty much every soft skill you can think of.  In times of stress – like the increased volume and pace faced, Read More

Conflict, properly managed, can yield many benefits – but it’s something people generally don’t like.  Conflict doesn’t always feel good; it can bring guilt, shame, anger, and hurt feelings to those involved.  But it’s like at the doctor’s office – how they get you to be less wary of something by breaking it down and explaining how it works before applying it to you. Conflict is more approachable when you understand exactly what it is and how it relates to you.  You don’t need to avoid it if you can make informed choices about it.  Very basically, conflict is when, Read More

I can picture it as though it was yesterday. The early ‘80s – the age when cell phones were the size of a small briefcase and Cheers was the hit show. The training and consulting business my parents Rollin and Christine Glaser had launched in 1977 was operating in full swing from their home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Organization Design & Development (OD&D at the time) was the name of their venture, and they specialized in facilitating on-site soft-skills management development programs. Our home was buzzing with business. The bathtub in the spare bedroom served as our warehouse. My sister, Read More

A guest post from Linda Galindo, consultant, author, speaker and educator  Back in my days as a radio news personality a station consultant charged with improving our ratings told the morning team to produce our shows with “health, heart, and pocketbook” in mind. Health, heart and pocketbook were, according to the consultants, what gets and keeps listeners engaged. Their rationale: If you don’t have your health, not much else matters. Appealing to the “heart” with human interest stories that uplifted and informed would be talked about around the water cooler. And, pocketbook referred to money; one’s wealth and what may or, Read More

Team building, leadership, communication, and negotiating. Those are just a few of the titles in the Reproducible Training Library that you can customize to make your training, your way. We’ve put in the time, and done the research and program development for you. Now you can pick out the programs you want, customize them to your needs, and you’re ready to train. Buy a 5-pack of titles today, and save 50%! You get each program for just $199! Hurry! Offer Ends 1/31/12 Get any 5 titles for just $995 You’ll save 50% per program! (reg. $399) Enter coupon code RTLJAN12 at, Read More

When we hear the term “customer service,” most of us think of call centers filled with representatives answering complaint calls or perhaps the person standing behind the services desk at a department store. Whether you are in a business-to-business setting or you are selling services, products or partnerships, you still have a customer base and a particular approach to customer service that was either intentionally developed or simply grew over time by default. Customer service is one of the least-leveraged resources in a service-oriented business. Do you have a clear understanding of how you can calculate the value of your, Read More

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