Critical Thinking Training

Improve creativity and problem-solving skills with critical thinking training. Create an environment of innovation in your workplace and increase employee satisfaction!

  Assertiveness skills are crucial to professional development, as well as other aspects of life. Asking for what you need, handling confrontations gracefully, and putting ideas forward with confidence are tools that will help get your career to where you want it to go. Not only do these skills improve teamwork, focus discussions, and build relationships, but they also help individuals to become competent, constructive, confident, and perform at their best. Assertiveness Skills, one of 75 soft-skills training programs in the Reproducible Training Library, provides the skill development, practice, and understanding that individuals need to learn to how to be truly assertive., Read More

Critical thinking. Execs rank it as the #1 workplace skill. And the U.S. Department of Labor has labeled it the foundation of problem solving, decision making, creativity, strategic planning, and more. And it’s also what separates those who can succeed at the top of the food chain from those who cannot. What exactly is critical thinking? Google searches turn up thousands of hits and varied definitions. On a basic level, I think we can all agree it’s about understanding the problem at hand, evaluating the evidence, and then making a rational, thoughtful decision. But are people losing their ability to, Read More

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