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Great companies value employee training and development. Take your team to the next level with corporate training materials that will really improve vital business skills like communication and negotiation.

There’s a reason we work in teams.  We’re not that lonely, we don’t really need to make others feel included, and we’re not not-good-enough on our own.  But we can be better.  When individuals face a common problem (or opportunity!), they can produce results that reflect the combined strengths of everyone involved.  Broadening not just the potential for production, but the set of benefactors of success.  More goodness from more people for more people – synergy. But, if you’re working as a team, and the results you’re coming up with are not better than could be achieved by your single, Read More

In both personal and professional contexts, we exist in relation to our environment and the people we interact with.  Because our environment is constantly changing, the only way we can remain reliable, relevant, and competitive is to change with it. Sometimes changes can be unexpected or uncomfortable.  It’s not uncommon to reject the idea of change and cling to established routines and ways of thinking. But no amount of resistance will stop change from happening.  Even if we, as individuals, do not change our behaviors, we are still changing our relationship to our environment.  By acknowledging our own attitude towards, Read More

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. – Barak Obama The growth and development of a business can be seen as continuous organizational change – seeking out improvement and evolution of practices by questioning existing norms and expectations.  While the overall direction of a business may be determined by a CEO or other formal leader, it needs to be translated into actionable items and tasks by his employees.  Leadership, then, becomes the place of the practitioner –, Read More

Measurable progress is just the best, right?  But there are intangible factors that contribute immeasurably to the success of an organization – values, which can’t be ignored or neglected. The success of an organization depends on the success of the individuals that comprise it.  This means that the individual’s idea of success needs to align with the organization’s goals.  To ensure this alignment, the organization’s values and vision need to be clearly communicated – as early on as the hiring process.  Hiring for fit will contribute greatly to the long-term success of the individual as part of the organization. But, Read More

Does your organization regularly clarify and remind employees and clients of its core values? Do you even know what they are? According to author and leader, Dr. Cynthia Scott, “Values are the driving force behind personal action, and a beacon of focus during turbulent times. Successful organizations recognize the business case for value clarity, and they know that connecting personal values to organizational strategy is the vital link to employee engagement, innovation, commitment, performance, decision making—and a competitive advantage.” A solid values statement can be a catalyst for positive behaviors; it offers ‘default’ focus points in the face of challenge,, Read More

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