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Many people feel dissatisfied with their current jobs, and they are unsure of the direction they should take in their careers. For nearly 50 years, those people have turned to Career Anchors to discover the combination of perceived areas of competence, motives, and values related to occupational work choices.

Career Anchors Tapping into the Power of Talents, Motives, and Values Presented by Edgar Schein Wednesday, August 13, 2014 2-3pm ET Are your employees or clients feeling stuck in their choice of careers or unhappy with their current job, unsure of how to make a change? Perhaps “career anchors” have something to do with it. Developed by Dr. Edgar Schein at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a career anchor is a combination of one’s competencies, motives, and values. And it’s the dominant element of a person’s real self that he or she will not forfeit, even if it leads to dissatisfaction,, Read More

Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate our nation’s independence.  While we may be far removed from any colonial experience, we’re reminded that there are certain things that we refuse to give up – things that we feel set us at our best.  They could be physical things, ways of living, opportunities, or property.  When we’re asked (or told) to give these things up, everything tends to go south for everyone involved. As a nation, we understand that there are both individual freedoms and collective freedoms – and that they don’t always align towards the same goals. So, while we’re trying to do our, Read More

Are there speed bumps on your career path? Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, who recently complained about wanting his life back, recently got his wish. He has had the responsibility for managing the clean-up operation taken away from him, and returned to the UK no doubt looking forward to the relative calm. However, one of Hayward’s first decisions after setting foot on home soil was to go pleasure cruising on his private yacht, making him an easy target for journalists and the paparazzi. No doubt he has been under immense stress since the spill occurred, and no caring person, Read More

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