HRDQ Loses an Early Product Developer – Dr. Fred Mumma

The staff of HRDQ has learned that Dr. Fred Mumma, author of the learning instrument, Team Work and Team-Roles, has passed away.  Dr. Mumma was one of our early product authors and began working with HRDQ in the early 1980’s.  His learning instrument was an immediate success and continues to be popular with trainers and HR professionals today.

Fred had been helping people understand the dynamics and work of groups since 1966 when he was a process consultant in the leadership laboratories at Temple University.  He has conducted workshops, training programs, team-building sessions, and counseling for managers and executives on organizational climate, leadership style, and task teams for many organizations, including GAF, Exxon, Dupont, SmithKlineBeecham, PECO Energy, Abbott, Bankers Trust, Sun Oil, the American Cancer Society, and many other important businesses and educational institutions around the world.

Dr. Mumma’s learning instrument has helped thousands of team leaders and team members understand their roles during the team work process.

Fred earned his doctorate and master’s degrees in psychoeducational processes, majoring in group dynamics and organizational change at Temple University.  He was the director of the Management Course and the Senior Management Program of the American Management Association based in New York for seven years.  His last position was as a Senior Partner of Organization Identity Development, Inc.

Dr. Mumma’s learning instrument has helped thousands of team leaders and team members understand their roles during the team work process.  It further explains how the need for these roles changes during the life of any team project.  By using these concepts, team leaders and members can become far more effective in working together.  Although other materials that recognize the importance of the various team roles exist, Dr.Mumma’s learning instrument remains the most useful and effective learning tool available to work groups.

The staff of HRDQ will miss Fred’s occasional visits and helpful discussion of team development strategies.  HRDQ is one of the largest researchers and publishers of team development materials in the world.

Thank you, Fred, for your contribution to the vast array of learning tools now available to HR professionals today.  You have made a difference in the way we all understand how teams mature and become effective.

Rollin Glaser, Ed.D.
Chairman, Organization Design and Development, Inc. (HRDQ)

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