What’s My Communication Style?

A great place to start creating a vibrant, productive, forward-thinking environment is for individuals to begin self-assessing their communication styles and tendencies. In doing so – and identifying one as having a direct, spirited, considerate, or systematic communication style – skills can be developed and refined, leaders can be motivated to build symbiotic bridges with their team members, and great strides forward will happen. It’s not just about everyone getting along. It’s about creating a dynamic, progressive environment where great ideas are articulately expressed, eagerly absorbed, and creatively acted upon.

Part of the bestselling HRDQ Style Series, the communication assessment and its supporting materials provide a practical and easy-to-use language that enables lasting insights into how to gain mastery over one’s own communication behavior and how to interpret the behavior of others – in any situation. What’s My Communication Style is a powerful centerpiece for management development and interpersonal skills training. Check it out today!

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