Team Adventure Series

It’s often said that two heads are better than one, so imagine what can be accomplished with three or even an entire team? Greater power is unleashed when a team is united to get the job done, especially if there is synergy among its members.

Synergy has been defined as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. It comes from the Greek word synergos, meaning “working together”. With the head-down, task-oriented culture that we experience in most workplaces, it is tempting for team members to make decisions independent of the team. It is certainly quicker and we generally believe that our own judgment is superior to that of the team. Research suggests, however, that when we make decisions in groups we more often than not arrive at a better outcome than we would have if we made the decision on our own.

Teaching learners the practice of team synergy is the goal of HRDQ’s Team Adventure Series. Participants are challenged with scenarios with one of eight HRDQ survival simulations from a bear attack to a hot-air ballooning disaster. The simulations are designed to demonstrate in a fun and interactive way that we make better decisions when we harness the cognitive horsepower of the group, and we make much better decisions when we can achieve synergy, the highest order of group effectiveness. Each provides a safe, open environment in which participants can learn and practice key process skills that lead to synergy using problem solving, communication, management, conflict resolution, and decision making.

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