Free Webinar: UnCommon Sense

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2pm – 3pm EDT

You may be a great accountant. That doesn’t mean you’ll be a great manager of accountants. And yet, that’s the system the business world was built upon. Basically, if you were good at what you did, you were promoted to something you weren’t good at doing. And we wonder why we developed so many workplace challenges?

In this light-hearted, but tool-packed webinar, we’ll look at the skills managers really need, we’ll laugh at the ways we’ve been developing managers by eliminating their common sense, and we’ll discover real world ways to develop skills both inside and outside of a classroom environment.

Humorist, award-winning author, and business/governmental consultant Christee Gabour Atwood will draw on decades of consulting and training projects to give you samples of best practices that go beyond buzzwords and promote your managers to the level of “UnCommon Sense” — because common sense isn’t so common anymore…

Participants Will Learn:

  • The shifting sets of challenges facing today’s managers
  •  Tools and techniques to identify developmental needs
  •  UnCommon Sense Principles for effective management
  •  How to create ongoing learning opportunities for managers and management candidates

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Trainers
  • Organizational Development Professionals

About the Presenter:

Christee Gabour Atwood’s background includes radio announcer, newspaper columnist, television anchor, stand-up comic, association executive (which is another version of a stand-up comic), and Universal Studios tour guide (which taught her to point to her left and right).

She’s the best-selling author of five business and training books, which have been translated to both Japanese and Chinese, and are used in universities from the United States to Korea and Lebanon. She’s coordinated skills development systems and the sharing of knowledge within organizations ranging from governmental agencies and municipalities, corporate and retail organizations, associations, and nonprofits.

About Us:

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