In the Latest Issue | HRDQ | May 2015

The latest HRDQ catalog is in the mail, featuring the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory. To be effective, your team members need to be more culturally aware. That is where CCAI comes into play. Improving your cultural understanding is more important than ever.

Try the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory now.

Also in this issue:Personality Style at Work

black bearYour personality. It’s the sum total of who you are and how you approach every angle of life, from your career choices and performance track record to what you do in your free time. Try Personality Style at Work today!

HRDQ’s Team Adventure Series is a fun and memorable way to demonstrate the concept of team synergy — the phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts. Each simulation provides a safe, open environment in which participants can learn and practice key process skills that lead to synergy, including problem solving, communicating effectively, managing and resolving conflict, and consensus decision making.

imgoIs it possible to put hard numbers on the impact of training? Can you pinpoint the drivers of ROI? Training professionals everywhere are under pressure to prove the value of their efforts. The Bottomline on ROI will show you how to do that and more!

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