Add Adventure To Your Teamwork Training With Whiteout!

Imagine a room filled with countless rows of metal chairs, a podium at the front, and a large screen behind it. It’s packed with an audience that’s dutifully trying to pay attention as they attempt to learn how to be a better team. But instead, their eyes are glazed over and they’re easily distracted by text messages, Facebook, and doodles. And all they’re wondering is what time is our lunch break?  Sound inspiring? I didn’t think so.

Sure, there’s a time and place for face-forward lectures and videos. And perhaps my scenario is a bit of an exaggeration. But when it comes to improving teamwork, I’ve got a more effective—and energizing—way to improve group process skills, create stronger bonds, and illustrate the concept of synergy.

It’s time to put some adventure into your training.

Now picture a series of small roundtables with participants intensely huddled together, immersed in figuring out how they can possibly survive a tragic dog-sledding accident in the bone-chilling conditions of the Alaskan wilderness with only limited resources—and each other. Welcome to Whiteout, one of the exciting simulations and teamwork games from our bestselling Team Adventure Series.

While they may not be in a faraway land, our survival simulations transport your audience away from their hectic work life and plunges them into a life-or-death scenario that enables learning through personal experience, discovery, and practice. Here they learn what separates an ordinary group from a synergistic team as well as vital group process skills such as consensus decision making, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution.

Most of us can rest assured that we’ll never encounter these types of perilous situations. But similar feelings of stress and conflict accompany everyday organizational life. That’s why it is critically important for teams to learn how to overcome common stumbling blocks in the safety of the classroom—and maybe even have some fun at the same time.

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