Understand “Systems Thinking” and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Your organization is stuck in the same pattern of pushing problems around, always putting out fires but never extinguishing them for good. Perhaps it’s time for a new way of thinking—systems thinking. It’s the problem-solving approach that rids your organization of nagging issues, once and for all.

Peter Senge, author of the bestselling book The Fifth Discipline, says systems thinking is the process of understanding how interconnected elements influence one another within a whole—and how a change in one cog can throw the entire system out of whack. Systems thinking raises the question, what is going on here?

When used properly, systems thinking is the solution to predicting the consequences of change, eliminating silo thinking, recognizing differing viewpoints, and staying focused on the goal. From innovation and productivity to a competitive advantage, the payoff of systems thinking is significant.

Introducing and adopting a systems-thinking approach isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Systems Thinking for Managers can help to teach it using a customizable training program that brings this big-picture concept down to earth. Through a new lens, managers will develop the ability to recognize interdependencies, examine cause and effect, anticipate the long-term consequences of short-term decisions, and find breakthrough solutions for complex problems.

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