Learn the Art of Effective Collaboration

To collaborate … or not to collaborate. That is the question. Sure, the benefits of collaboration can be significant. Creative thinking. Employee engagement. Effective problem solving. Increased productivity. Job satisfaction. This list goes on. That’s when things run smoothly, operations are efficient, and individuals contribute unique perspectives. But collaboration has to be done well to be effective; studies show that bad collaboration is actually worse than no collaboration at all.

There’s far more to collaboration than simply working together. You need to produce synergistic results—outcomes that would not be achieved otherwise. So there’s a right way to collaborate and a wrong way to collaborate. Perhaps that’s why so many training professionals refer to the “art of collaboration.” Without a set of finely-tuned skills, an open mindset, and the right environment, the paybacks of collaboration may never be realized.

Skillful Collaboration: Working Successfully with Others to Achieve a Common Goal is a half-day custom training program that focuses on the structure and implementation of an effective collaboration process. From setting common objectives and defining roles to establishing guidelines and troubleshooting obstacles, this program helps individuals at all levels of your organization to build the skills they need for productive working relationships. Skillful Collaboration is part of the The Reproducible Training Library which will help you get the soft skills training topics you need, in the formats that work for you with customizable training materials.

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