Habitat for Humanity Build Day, Take Two

On Thursday, April 9th, the HRDQ Construction Qrew will be back in action at our Second Annual Habitat for Humanity Build Day. Last year, we spent our Build Day doing demolition, prepping a house for rebuilding. We learned a lot about the hard work it takes to gut a house, and got to put into action some of the soft skills that we pitch in our product line. When wood is flying as you’re tearing down cabinets, or nails are exposed as old carpets come up, or you’re carrying heavy fixtures out with someone else, good, clear communication and collaboration are important skills to have. Our Build Day turned out to be one of the greatest team building exercises we’ve ever done.

This year, we’ve been assigned to do construction, and we’re looking forward to see what all of our hands, working together, can create in a day. 

We’ll be partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, who work to construct decent, affordable homes, and empower hardworking, low-income families to become homeowners by providing no-interest mortgages with which to buy them. It’s a cause we’re proud to support.

Our offices will be closed on Thursday, April 9th, for this event. Thank you for your support as we support Habitat for Humanity. 

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