Taking the Fear Out of Change

Do the people in your organization cheer when a new change initiative is announced? Probably not. It’s natural to dislike organizational change, especially when you have no control over it. Whether it is an office move, the rollout of a new software system, revamped operating procedures, or a company merger, change management strikes feelings of fear, anger, resistance, and resentment into employees and managers.

Before individuals can commit to an organizational change, they must first transition through a four-phase pattern of feelings and reactions: Denial, Resistance, Exploration, or Commitment. It’s much like the grieving process. Some will move quickly, some slowly, and others get stuck along the way. Creating an awareness of this journey and learning how to master each stage is what enables individuals to move forward and organizations to implement changes successfully. That process can be learned and improved with employee training and development.

Reach for Mastering the Change Curve. Based on extensive research conducted by change experts Drs. Dennis Jaffe and Cynthia Scott, this comprehensive self-assessment and classroom workshop pinpoints where individuals are in the change sequence and then shows them how to shift their focus to the future. The facilitator set is filled with everything trainers need to prepare, administer, and deliver a powerful learning experience, and the assessment is available in both online and print formats.

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