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Personality Style at Work

Personality is an attention-grabbing topic. It’s exciting to discover the root cause of your behavior and why you act the way you do. Not to mention, figuring out what makes people tick and how best to deal with them is downright fascinating—even a bit strategic.

There are other reasons to pay attention to personality besides curiosity alone. Personality is what determines how we communicate, act as leaders, and get along with others. It drives career choices, performance track records, and organizational culture, just to name a few.

Some of us understand the ins and outs of personality through intuition, gut instinct, or experience. However, many of us need tools to give us that insight.

Personality Style at Work gives learners a two-step approach with a guidebook and assessment that is designed for every person in your organization. Written by Kate Ward, in collaboration with HRDQ, and published by McGraw-Hill, the book explores how personality impacts all aspects of the workplace, including communication styles, teamwork, leadership, and career development. The assessment offers readers a chance to look at their personality and discover things they never knew about themselves—creating a pathway to improve their performance, build rapport with others, and achieve greater success on the job.

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