Matrix Management Takes Charge

Businesses have cross-functional and multi-functional teams, virtual environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships.  They are now being replaced with organizational charts that look more like a spiderweb than anything else!

The keyword is Matrix Management. And it’s a good thing. Here’s why:

Simply put, you can’t do today’s work with yesterday’s top-down approach. There was a time when a single chain of command drove performance but withith the emergence of workforce globalization, customer insistence, and technology fluctuation, this once-effective approach has become a hindrance to creativity, innovation, and accountability. Success now comes from collaborating with multiple touch points and building dynamic relationships with other managers, employees, functions, suppliers—even customers. The stronger the network, the stronger the manager.

Despite this shift, day-to-day tasks and duties have not disappeared. That means that the competencies and capabilities of even the most talented managers are being stretched to the limit. Today’s managers need to juggle the two opposing management paradigms of traditional Command & Control and a new, fluid, Influence & Collaboration. Help your managers discover how with The Matrix Manager Inventory, new from HRDQ.

The Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative World is the timely new tool set (including communication assessment, workbook, and workshop) that will help both new and seasoned managers integrate these models and improve the relationship-building skills, such as empowerment, risk taking, participation, and development, that lead to success in today’s interconnected organization. Try The Matrix Manager Inventory today—risk free for 30 days—and watch as your managers, teams, and matrices strengthen and flourish.

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