Nourish Creativity, Reap the Rewards!

Creativity now tops the list of critical soft skills. Research shows it makes a substantial contribution to performance and profitability. Your competition is likely to target it as a skill for development now and in the future – and you should, too.

Organizations that develop creativity reap significant benefits, including better team building, increased flexibility, greater retention rates, and cutting-edge products. Ernst & Young’s Connecting Innovation to Profit report noted, “We assume 50% of our revenue in five years’ time must come from sources that do not exist today. That is why we innovate. The ability to manage, organize, cultivate, and nurture creative thinking is directly linked to growth and achievement.”

But hold on. Creativity in the workplace isn’t about developing artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Rather, it enables everyone to produce different and valuable results. We all have the potential to be more creative. In other words, it’s not if you’re creative, but how you’re creative.

Newly revised by creativity expert Dr. Lynne Levesque, the Breakthrough Creativity Profile, Second Edition accelerates the growth of creativity in individuals, teams, and leaders in your organization. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or production – or even executives – this combination of self-assessment and classroom training is the tool you need to unleash creative talent across your organization!

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