Listen Up! Practical Tips for Improving Your Listening Skills

Have you heard? March is International Listening Month. Wonder why an entire month has been dedicated to listening? Consider these statistics:

  • You spend 45% of your time listening.
  • Typically you remember only 20% of what you hear.
  • You’re distracted (aka not listening) 75% of the time.
  • 85% of what you now know, you learned through listening.
  • Only 2% of us have received formal listening skills training.

It’s happening all around you. If people aren’t listening, how can they be effective communicators, team builders, negotiators, or leaders?

Equally interesting is that it’s not uncommon for people to boast about their listening skills. But ask them if their minds wander when they’re bored with a conversation or if they’ve ever interrupted a speaker. They’ll quickly recognize they’re not really listening. To quote the movie Pulp Fiction, they’re simply “waiting to talk.”

At least the data sends a message loud and clear. It’s time to incorporate listening skills into your training.

Check out Learning to Listen, the revealing communication assessment that gives learners an honest look into their listening skills and offers practical tips for improvement that can be put into immediate action.

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