Succeed at Work and Relationships by Learning to “Flex” Your Personality

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Or do you?

Personality. It’s the part of your curriculum vitae that can’t be seen on paper and the driving force behind how you communicate, act as a leader, and get along with others. It’s the reason for success—and quite possibly the reason for failure.

Characteristics of personality are witnessed every day, with every interaction. There’s the soft-spoken colleague who’s known to be a good listener. The no-nonsense client who refuses to hear a sales pitch. The poker-faced manager who’s difficult to interpret. And the bubbly work associate who likes to tell stories. At face value, these subtle traits may seem insignificant. But paying attention to them offers valuable insight and the key to a gaining a strategic advantage.

It is possible to get a second chance at making a first impression. Because with awareness and know-how, people can learn to flex their personality style. I encourage you to try the HRDQ Style Series. A popular favorite among trainers, this collection of communication assessments, hands-on games, and training activities boils down the complexities of personality and shows people how to flex their style to improve relationships and workplace performance.

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