In the Latest Issue | HRDQ | February 2015

The latest HRDQ catalog is in the mail, featuring Coaching Skills Inventory. Learn to be “Coach of the Year!” Ignoring performance issues won’t make them go away. Help employees to improve their performance through effective performance coaching meetings.

Try Coaching Skills Inventory now.

Also in this issue:

black bear

Is your team up a creek without a paddle? Do you want to learn how to manage and resolve group conflict? If so, the HRDQ Team Adventure Series is for you.

Accelerate the acceptance of organizational change.  Understand the four phases of change. Develop a strategy for mastering change.Mastering Change

Try Mastering the Change Curve today!


Is it possible to put hard numbers on the impact of training? Can you pinpoint the drivers of ROI?

The Bottomline on ROI will show you how to do that and more.

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