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I’m excited to introduce the fully updated Conflict Strategies Inventory, Third Edition. The first edition launched in 1994. Since then, thousands of learners have used it to improve their ability to successfully manage conflict and it remains a trainer favorite almost 20 years later. The third edition is packed with exciting features, including a fully revised, full-color facilitator guide with a half-day workshop, paper and online learning style assessment options, a comprehensive participant workbook, additional facilitator support materials, handy participant takeaways, and more.

The fallout from unmanaged conflict takes a huge toll on organizations. Studies show that managers spend as much as 40% of their time dealing with conflict. And on average, employees exhaust almost three hours each week in conflict situations. But there’s also value in conflict. From sparking creativity and better problem solving to improved interpersonal relationships, research points to the benefits from conflict done right. In other words, invest in conflict management and you’ll set the stage for higher performance.

The best first step is to equip people with awareness, knowledge, and an effective strategy. Awareness of how we, as individuals, typically react in conflict situations. Knowledge of the potential outcomes—and consequences—that result from those reactions. And finally, the know-how to use the most effective strategy for responding to conflict in a productive manner.

Conflict Strategies Inventory, Third Edition … Simply put, there isn’t a better way to provide your employees—and your organization—with the conflict management strategies and skills needed to thrive.

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