Think You Understand Teamwork? Think Again!

Why can’t these people work together as a team?” If only you had a dollar for every time you heard that plea. So why do some continue to struggle with team performance? After all, it’s not a new or unfamiliar concept. And it today’s world, it’s vital to success, especially with the growing trend toward virtual, cross-functional, and multi-functional teams.

A lack of understanding is partly to blame.  Believe it or not, sometimes groups simply don’t “get” what it means to be a team—or how to do it.

Sure, you can stand at the head of a classroom and tell your audience (until you’re blue in the face) the how’s and why’s of teams, but frankly, there’s no better way to illustrate the concept than to let people experience it. In other words, show beats tell. And this is particularly true when it comes to teamwork.

Jungle Escape was an instant hit when we first introduced it over thirty years ago. Believe it or not, the concept started with bunch of rowdy mid-level managers in the retail industry. Bored by the usual lectures and uninspired by the introduction to team-building activities, they challenged Rollin Glaser—HRDQ Co-Founder and respected author—to come up with a high-energy, hands-on game to illustrate teamwork. And that’s what he did.

Since then, the popular team adventure game has given more than 275,000 learners an unforgettable “a-ha!” moment as they experience the difference between success and failure as a team. In fact, many consider it a classic in the training and development industry and it remains an HRDQ bestseller today.

But Jungle Escape isn’t just about fun and games. Real learning is quickly absorbed through the discovery and practice of critical group process skills such as planning, problem solving, and decision making. Trainers use it as a powerful way to introduce basic team-building exercises, improve productivity between multiple work groups, or energize mature teams. We guarantee it will be an experience that your teams won’t soon forget.

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