Live Your Legacy, Be a Better Leader!

So often we think of legacy as something we leave behind when we’re gone. But what if the leaders in your organization were living their legacies in real time? It’s a powerful concept when you think about it. With the right resources and skills, leaders who live their legacies now can be better leaders today. They can mold your organization for generations to come, and they can also position your organization for ongoing success.

The concept of legacy leadership is not new. In fact, there are many bestselling books that touch on the topic such as Built to Last and Good to Great, and recently Training magazine published an article on this topic. While they all do a good job at convincing us that legacy leadership is an ideal worth striving for, none of them has given us a formula for achieving it. Until now.

Based on over 40 years of research and experience, the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory is a whole system approach—a lifestyle, if you will—for building exceptional leaders who in turn instill what they’ve learned in others. It’s the catalyst that will help trainers like you to develop emotional intelligence skills and the leaders who know who they want to become and how to get there.

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