Job Misery … What’s it Costing You?

Gallup recently reported staggering statistics about job misery. They reported that more than 75% of workers consider themselves to be in miserable jobs. What shocks me even more is that job misery costs employers a whopping $350 million in lost productivity.

Miserable jobs are what cause the “Sunday blues,” the phenomenon that robs people of their energy and self-esteem, makes them cynical and unhappy—and is the source of both low morale and high turnover in organizations. While one could from a self-reliance perspective ask why we as individuals choose to live this way, for your organization it’s in your best interest to do something about it.

Patrick Lencioni, the popular speaker and bestselling author, has published a new resource for this blight. Managing for Employee Engagement is a powerful employee training package based on his book The Three Signs of a Miserable Job that includes a slew of tools for tackling job misery through a half- to full-day workshop. As training professionals we are truly fulfilling our roles if we can help our managers prevent or eliminate the causes of job misery.

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