Are you Direct, Spirited, Considerate or Systematic? Find Out!

Having great people skills doesn’t mean being the life of the party or having the gift of gab. People skills are much more than that. They’re what make up your personality. They’re what make you undeniably you. They’re the foundation of who you are and how you approach every role—from being a leader to communicating with others and being a team player.

Before you begin your next training initiative, make sure you add some personality to it. I’m not talking about making it more energetic or fun, although these are important as well. I’m suggesting you start your next program with personal discovery and insight.

What’s My Communication Style is the bestselling assessment that will help everyone in your organization better understand their style, learn a simple model for interpreting the behavior of others, and discover how to be more flexible in any situation. We use it here at HRDQ and its terms—Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic—are part of our daily language. It’s given us plenty of “a-ha!” moments, and I guarantee it will do the same for your audience.

We’re publishing resources for developing great people skills. Thanks for choosing HRDQ.

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