Change is Inevitable, Core Values are Forever

Change is the only constant. You’ve heard it before, but the saying is true now more than ever. So how can you ensure your organization will weather these turbulent times? Strengthen your core. By this I mean your organization’s values, culture, and identity. Values are what drive action, and they’re the one facet of your organization that won’t waver when times get tough.

Take IBM, for example. A global leader founded in 1911, IBM has transformed business, science, and even society. Its leaders attribute the organization’s success to many things, including innovation, globalization, and the deliberate creation of a shared corporate culture. IBM’s founder, Thomas J. Watson, made a conscious effort to instill values that have become a guiding constant—who they hire, the way they serve their client base, and how they develop talent at all levels. According to Chairman of the Board Samuel J. Palmisano, “IBM has survived and thrived for 100 years by remaining true to our core values, while being ready to change everything else.”

Based on more than 20 years of experiential research, authors Dr. Cynthia Scott and Dr. Dennis Jaffe developed The Values Edge System: An Exercise in Personal and Team Discovery, a powerful custom training tool that clarifies personal values, strengthens team performance, renews organizational culture, and inspires innovation. It makes making sense of values simple—and it’s the first step to ensuring your organization is there to blow out the candles on its 100th anniversary.

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